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Summary of the company

Walmart is a company that is is known as the largest retailer in the world, as of January 2023. It continues to grow with facilities in 27 countries. 

Role and Challenges

This ambitious target encapsulates positions deemed essential for Walmart’s ability to cater to its customers’ present and future needs. These roles span from salaried managerial to hourly supervisory capacities across Walmart’s expansive network of stores, clubs, and supply chain operations, reflecting the intricate and rigorous design and testing that underpin this visionary project.

Walmart is steadfastly committed to enhancing skills-based training, recognizing it as a crucial stepping stone for employees’ advancement and success within the organization.

The retail behemoth, also the nation’s most extensive private employer, is undertaking a transformative approach to its HEE (Hiring Experience Evolved) initiative, emphasizing the cultivation of competencies that will render its workforce indispensable for pivotal positions within the company. The objective is clear: to expedite the progression of Walmart and Sam’s Club associates towards approximately 100,000 sought-after roles that are anticipated to be available over the ensuing three years.

Process/ Opportunity

In this project, I saw an exciting chance to refine and elevate the design process, setting a new standard for customer experience. Eager to establish a vision that not only meets expectations but exceeds them. My role was to create a collaborative space where cross-functional colleagues can unite their diverse skills and perspectives.

Drawing on my deep understanding of the Design Thinking process, I’ll work closely with partner teams to facilitate meaningful conversations, brainstorm innovative concepts, and lead design sprints. My aim was to leverage the information collected from the users, hiring managers, and recruiters to work along with potential hires. 


The end result was designs that was tried, tested, reworked and tested again. Usability testing and feedback was at the forefront of the design. This allowed for valuable feedback with gorilla testing via zoom testing. The result was a desktop and mobile version of the design to allow recruiters, potential hires, and managers to be able to view and accelerate the hiring process with less wait times than is currently in production. 

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