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ThriveTracker is a mobile and web campaign management solution for affiliates. Backed by industry leaders and private equity. 


Bring a creative solution to visual data representation.  This included creating responsive wireframes and high fidelity mockups. The end goal was to create a visual representation of data, promote usability, and create a responsive design. 


The obstacle is like for many large data driven platforms, create a visual representation that is easier to understand and follow as a user. The easier it is to understand and use, the more customers will gravitate to the business. 

Process/ Opportunity

Research was without a doubt the most valuable in this process. Initial analysis of the layout determined, the learning curve is steep. While there is a help section to guide the user into understanding the functions, this leads to a loss in productivity on the platform. Users mentioned the lack of support for mobile platforms. This was an opportunity to provide users with a new responsive design, to allow users to use the platform on the go. User testing revealed that the lack of visual representation and manipulation of the data deterred users from relying on the platform. 

Daniel Ramirez UX Design
 Time constraints allowed for minimal testing and mid fidelity mockups. The opportunity was to create a unique answer to the age old question: can large data be processed in a visually appealing and stylized manner, without sacrificing functionality and increasing usability? I believe the answer to be a simple yes. The benefits of this type of visual design allows for a quick grasp of knowledge, smaller learning curves, and higher productivity on the go. 
Daniel Ramirez UX design
Daniel Ramirez UX Design Florida
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