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Melendez Tree Services

A Point of Perspective

An owner of a small business wanted to revamp his website as it was out of date and not user friendly. The designs to that website were created without any interest in the user or the thoughts of the client. The entire page consisted heavy text for a service that does not require such extensive explanation. In order to get the best perspectives of an arborist, I asked if I could join his team for a few days as a helper to get an insight into his clients and work ethic through manual labor. This hands-on approach allowed to speak to the users directly.

The Trial

The test of ingenuity needed to be answered with a complete overhaul of the site. This new site was to exist as a separate entity from outdated site. Taking into account the user base, I needed to create a solution that gave to understanding that this was not a new business, just a new experience. The new experience would motivate anyone into requesting their services, and learning briefly about what the company does without overwhelming the user.

The Responsibility

My function as the Lead UX Designer meant that I was conducting all manners of the UX process to ensure that the client was getting a product that demonstrated the worth of his skills as an arborist, without confusing potential new clients. This meant that all iterations were to be tested, researched and then tested again to ensure high caliber work as well as usability, user effectiveness, and overall feel.

The Process

Extensive research went into locating the direct competitors as well as potential competitors. This lead to a proper competitive analysis. While considering the data, a rough idea was iterated taking into account key ideas that were requested from the client such as: a sense of openness  the color scheme, and a easy to use and understand layout. As ideas flowed the first iteration began to to take form. Testing began following the first iteration. Results of the first iteration were mixed as expected but with valuable information to consider. Things were pointed out specifically as: the look was not easily understood, or the layout design was confusing as to what services was being offered. The indicated was taken into consideration and retested which resulted in iterations 4-7. 


The creative answer to the problem of usability issues, misplaced services, and lack of coordination was answered with competitive analysis and testing. Testing made the scope clear, and reiterating made the design sharper and more user friendly in multiple platforms. The overall product was one that had the client ecstatic as well as his users. The experience of working directly with tree trimmers is one experience that truly gave me a greater insight into the creative process, testing, and research. The entire process of researching,  interviewing, testing,  iterating, was completed in absence of a team. The result of many hours of careful thought and creation are in the live site. 

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