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A Solution for DC Library
The Brief

DC library was having a difficult task with getting users to find and use their digital services, our team was tasked to find a way to bridge the gap and make items more accessible through quicker navigation, without overwhelming the user.

My Mission

I took on the role of lead designer out of a group of 3 . I brought to life the ideas of my colleagues through various iterations and prototypes. Designs were based on testing and user interviews. Creating something different yet with a familiar feel was the main challenge.

The Challenge

Creating a mobile platform to incorporate, reorganize, and motivate more visits to the digital services that the DC library offers. Also, maintaining the interests in printed media such as magazines and books. This task was completed in 2 weeks. 


We first went to research and interview a few people at the library, asking them what they thought about the mobile app. The overall consensus was that it was hard to understand. The user had to continuously log into access different points in the app. The biggest pain point was that the app was not centered around any books. This pointed me into quickly sketching out a paper prototype and retesting. Through user interviews the app became more and more solid, providing well thought out solution for those that frequent the library and its services. The focus of the app was to enables the user to cut search time in half of what it would normally take to search for content. 


Thought the user testing and surveying, we found that the DC library has a very disorganized mobile platform in comparison to direct competitors as indirect competitors like Amazon and websites like 'MyGoodReads'. This lead us to visit the libraries of DC and see what the users really would expect out of the mobile platform. The result lead us to our second iteration. We found out that users needed assistance in finding a book that interest them, as well as find a way to organize the books that interested the user in an easily accessible form. 


The solution created was a mobile platform that was better organized, and centered around what the user expects from the library. The research conducted, testing, and reiterating let me to design an interface that was well understood with very little explanation. This facilitated the users ability to navigate the app and get to learn about new books that interest them with minimal effort and in a satisfying manner. The result was that most users found the app helpful and very useful in their daily routines. 

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