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Kiss the Sky has decided to expand their market from regular yogis to a wholesale market. Kiss the Sky wanted to build a service that allows potential wholesale customers access content without hindering the overall experience of their regular customer base. This design would contribute to the seamlessness of the overall site.

My Role

Lead UX/UI Designer and research analyst out of a group of 3 UX designers. My research findings directly impacted the several design iterations for what became the Kiss the Sky webpage. The combination of testing, re-iterating, and research assisted in paving the way to the best possible result.


Redesign the website all while retaining the familiar look and feel. Incorporate and exhibit the various features of the mat and conscious choices made to produce the mat without overwhelming the user or the potential new customer base. This should impulse the users into delving further into the site making it a satisfying experience.


Through conducting our research we found many competitors in the market who did incorporate wholesale marketing and regular customer marketing did not do extremely well. In our survey, majority of people indicated that they where not always informed and conscience of what their mat was made of, and that there was an option to buy wholesale . After much research, the our team had a moment of clarity, as we knew this was the key to the site redesign . The Yoga mat market is a market that is very over saturated. Once we realized that, our team was able to center the design around the results of the research, testing, and re-iterations. This process led to a designs that would later shape what the site would look like. 


Competitors like Manduka, Gaiam, and even others non- direct competitors like Snuggie, and Mypillow were considered and researched. This allowed us to see the wide range of styles and architectures that are used in competitor sites to market their product and appeal to the users natural senses. Throughout our extensive testing, we found that many customers consider time an immensely important factor in purchasing and getting quickly back to their yoga practice. The same could be said for wholesale customers, who's focus was swiftness in purchasing quality yoga mats. Something that not many yoga sites do well.  


Kiss the Sky's new website would allow for those accustomed to the site to easily navigate and purchase their yoga mat. This would also allow for potential wholesale customers to join without confusing the each user. This design was brought by considering the many facets of the user base, competition, testing, and research. As a result the design was on that brought much joy to the users and gave the site a fresher feel to the dated site. The deliverables for this project were: the various designs and a high fidelity prototype.

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