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Summary of the company

Cigna Group is a worldwide healthcare organization dedicated to forging a brighter future, prioritizing the well-being of each individual and community.

Role and Challenges

Generate designs for multiple internal applications encompassed within the Evernorth suite of apps. The assortment of apps comprises: Evernorth Service Portal (ESP), SOAR, Operational Performance Report (OPR), and more.


Engaged in discussions with Product Owners to develop a revamped interface, often crafting entirely new designs. This involved designing responsive wireframes and high-fidelity mockups, with the ultimate objective of integrating new features and addressing user frustrations. Additionally, in certain instances, involved writing front-end code.

Several of the applications were obsolete and necessitated a fresh mindset. Overcoming challenges involved devising novel yet familiar, coherent, and user-centric workflows.

Process/ Opportunity

The initial step involved comprehending the platform's functionality, mechanics, user behaviors, and underlying motivations. This entailed swiftly familiarizing myself with multiple applications and crafting designs for each of them. To ensure consistent user experiences, a design guide was created, employing the 6:3:1 rule as a guiding principle. Engaging in discussions with individual product owners provided valuable insights into specific requirements and facilitated setting project expectations. In numerous instances, multiple iterations were carried out to refine the designs, catering to the needs of both users and stakeholders involved.


The solution at hand was far from straightforward, resulting in a comprehensive design that fulfilled all the requested elements. Building upon thorough research and usability testing, a new workflow was devised. The end result was a set of responsive applications featuring intuitive navigation, user-friendly dashboards, informative report pages, and easily accessible information pages, all aimed at enhancing usability.

MBM Dashboard
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ESP Landing
Client Dashboard
OPR Home Delivery
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