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Daniel Ramirez

A Point of Perspective

My love of understanding how things work is what began my path to the world of UX/UI Design. This curiosity was only pushed further the more I came up with designs. General Assembly allowed for this knowledge to grow into what became my career as a designer. 

Seeing the effect design and usability had on developers, I decided to expand my understanding of UX and learn the inner working of the code that ran my designs.This time it would be as a Full Stack Software Engineer. It was a moment of clarity that not only do UX and software engineering go hand in hand, but are invaluable when it comes to creating meaningful experiences. 

The Trial

The trial of learning and implementing new languages is a difficult task in itself. Understanding Javascript, React, Node , Ruby, Mongo, and Rails was a wild ride with literal ups and downs. The ride itself was well worth it. It has opened a door to a world that is constantly growing. I am proud to form a part of that community. 

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