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Clickbooth is a 'Click-per-Conversion' digital marketing service. They work with advertisers, and advertisements to create a plan to maximize payouts​.


Created new screen flows for the current layout, to optimize usability. This included creating responsive wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. The end goal was to call attention to the advertisements and algorithm promoted by Clickbooth. 


Part of the challenge was understanding what digital advertising is all about and creating solutions based on that information. This entailed having knowledge transfer on advertising platform. Hit the ground running, as time was a luxury. Learning Moqups, an alternative design tool was also an included challenge during the 4 month period. 

Process/ Opportunity

The best place to start was understanding what the platform does, how it works, what the users do, and why. This included researching the competition, conducting a holistic, and competitive comparison. Absorbing this information allowed for growth in understanding digital marketing, and improvements that can be made based on data. Conducted A-B testing, created an opportunity to go behind the scenes to work closely with users of the admin and client side. This also included using an active voice and typography that would better interact with the theme of the site, to lead users to the call to action buttons.

CB group before


CB Offer Group redesigned


mobile redesign

The solution was not simple by any means, this lead to a design that encompassed everything that was asked. Created a new workflow based on the research and usability testing. The outcome was a responsive application that included: dashboard, report page, and advertisement screen for ease of use. 

Final iteration of Dashboard
Report Section
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