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Bond-Pro is a surety software that allows for large data storage of important legal documents. Bond-Pro wished to update and create Next Gen (NG11) to improve usability and the overall experience of their customers. Implementing a design that was new yet familiar. 

My Role: 

Lead UX/UI Designer and research analyst out of a group of 2 UX designers. My research findings directly impacted the several design iterations for what became the designs of various screens in the product. Working closely with the business analyst granted accuracy of the needs of the user.


Redesign and update Job Centric Contract Views, Job Summary, and other pages in a 5 month period. This entailed instilling proven design principals to allow users to understand which bonds are being accessed, edited, and/or submitted. 


Understanding the product was half the battle, the other half was advocating for intelligent design. The product owner was adamant of using only BAs to move the design forward. With this limitation in mind, the team and I worked independently to set our sights on creating the best iteration possible for the users. Taking into account the typography, alignments, user flows, and the information architecture allowed us to create progress.


Bond-Pro unfortunately did not allow for much creativity or user research due to time constraints. Nevertheless, the designs that were completed is one that demonstrated pride in work, application of design principals, and advocacy for user centered design. 

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